Manage an RPG Adventure Via ’90s-Era Windows in Kingsway

As expected with a rather competitive indie game scene, it can be rather hard for one’s game to stand out at times, especially for a “swords and sorcery” RPG. Thankfully, developer Andrew Morrish appears to be avoiding this problem with his new game, Kingsway, thanks to its unique hook: Your entire adventure is managed via an interface mimicking a PC operating system from the early ’90s. So enemies take the form of pop-up windows, file folders hold your items for use, you receive quests via e-mails, et cetera, and successfully crafting a setup that fits you is the key to victory.

The announcement video seen below shows how the Kingsway operating system works in more detail, saying that all you have to do is click away to successfully lead your heroes to loot and victory. Of course, since the world is randomly generated each time with new obstacles and death is permanent, expect to see some blue screens more than often. Kingsway will be released this Summer by Adult Swim Games for PC, so those looking for a unique fantasy game or a nerdy nostalgia trip may want to keep an eye out for it.