Space Jammers Raids Early Access With Wild Pirate-Kitty Abandon

Space-cat pirates are nothing but trouble, which is probably why the defenses against a raid are so intense.  As a heavily-armed marauding kitty it’s your job to reach a cash-based goal, and if that means shooting through the patrolling guards of as many levels as it takes to reach it then that’s just what needs to happen.  Space Jammers is a co-op twin-stick semi-roguelike that recently hit its Kickstarter goal, and after a brief incubation period reached Steam’s Early Access today.  While the overall gameplay is fairly simple (shoot, find better guns, try to clear each floor with as much gold as possible) the action feels good and there’s plenty of fun weirdness to chase after.  A homing laser is nice but a giant-laser-shooting unicorn head coupled with a divided shot and layered over a perk letting you dual-wield makes for serious damage potential.  It’s been fun to see Space Jammers grow into an oddball sci-fi action roguelike over the last year or two, and now it’s on Early Access to grow bigger and weirder.