Stonepunk Arena Game Antegods Begins Crowdfunding Campaign on Fig

Sure, there may be several multiplayer arena games floating out there already, but do any of them feature the remnants of an ancient Mayan civilization in space? Well, even if the answer to that is “yes,” Antegods still aims to deliver an action-packed and unique experience. The creation of Dutch developers Codeglue, Antegods sees two teams of four piloting customizable stone mechs and dueling with each other in order to harvest enough silk energy to power several machines for defense and eventually activate their team’s titan, a massive machine that reigns doom upon their rivals, all taking place across procedurally generated environments where virtually everything is destructible.

It sounds like a blast (as the campaign trailer below proves), but Codeglue actually has higher ambitions beyond just creating a really good game, as they plan on an entire universe with stories that extend into the likes of ongoing comic books as well, introducing the game’s world to everyone. More details can be found on the game’s Fig page, where an initial $70,000 goal has been set, and where a quarter of that goal has already been met in just over a day. If all goes well, expect Antegods on PC around Q2 2018, when the futuristic stone fists of death will fly.