tinyBuild Unveils ‘Hardcore Neon Slasher’ Phantom Trigger

Back in January, tinyBuild teased a secret game via Twitter that they would be showing off to the press in a sneak peek at PAX South. So when they announced their PAX East lineup and the secret game in there turned out to be Graveyard Keeper, a game that didn’t resemble the initial tease at all, a bit of an eyebrow was raised. But ever the masters of surprise, tinyBuild today whipped away the curtain and revealed the game to be Phantom Trigger, a top-down action game from Divide By Sheep developer duo BreadTeam that will indeed be playable at PAX East this weekend.

Describing itself as a “hardcore neon slasher,” comparisons to Hyper Light Drifter are almost inevitable, to the point where the official announcement even described the game as a cross between HLD and Devil May Cry. What Phantom Trigger also offers is a deep combat system with a focus on unlocking combos and weapon upgrades, procedural roguelike dungeons that are story-driven, and branching paths with multiple endings. The emphasis on story is quite notable, especially seeing how the announcement trailer below ends on a bit of a twist. And of course, there’s always the killer retro aesthetic and soudtrack. Phantom Trigger is due out this Summer for PC, with other platforms to possibly follow as well, and we’ll keep you up to date with more details on the game as they come.