Ape Out Gets Playable and Watchable Trailers

Ape Out was one of the standout surprises of last September’s Boston FIG, and in the intervening months it got picked up for publishing by Devolver Digital.  Ape Out is stylish, fast, violent, and unique, and therefore a perfect fit with the Devolver Digital catalog.  The game is as minimalist as its title, in that an escaped ape rampages through each level pushing or grabbing anything that comes within range of its extra-long simian reach, with the brutal result adding a touch of Jackson Pollock-esque splatter to the art that’s otherwise all Saul Bass-style semi-solid blocks of color with rough mottling to keep it interesting.  Don’t take the video’s word for it, though, because in addition to this trailer there’s also a not-demo (it’s being called a playable trailer) available to play right now.  Get ready for the ape-driven drumbeat because it’s not letting up, ever.