NA LCS Week 7 Day 1 Predictions

The prodigal son has returned! Doublelift has ended his split long hiatus a few weeks early to come back in the bot lane for of all teams Team Liquid. Before we get into any of that here’s the rankings going into day one:

1)  Cloud9, Team SoloMid  (10-2)

3) FlyQuest, Phoenix1 (7-5)

5) Counter Logic Gaming  (6-6)

6)  Immortals, Echo Fox (5-7)

7) Team Dignitas (4-8)

9) Team Liquid (3-9)

10) Team EnVy  (3-9)

So Doublelift is back and if you can remember he left by saying that he was going to, “smash everyone” when he returned. Well what better timing than for his return to be playing one of the better bot lanes in the NA LCS in Sneaky and Smoothie and the best team in the NA LCS. While we’ve seen cracks in C9’s performances they’re still playing at a high level and don’t have the same problems that TL have. Team Liquid is essentially a brand new team at the end of this split. They have some adjusting to do before they can really get things going and not a lot of time to do so.

While Doublelift is a great pickup for the rest of this split, as he’s said he is only committing to one, this is his first game back. Being realistic that likely won’t be enough to push TL into the top of the table, but we’ll definitely find out tomorrow how much the self-proclaimed best ADC NA will do. To honor his return…I’m taking C9 in this one, but I think TL can get a win.

For the second match we have FlyQuest vs Phoenix1. P1 had a decent last week, but now have an issue on their hands. The team apparently wasn’t getting along and Adrian has been transferred. Along with that internal drama Inori should be coming back, but listed to start is Meteos according to lolesports. So with a team that seems to be off and on at time, having a player switch could make things a little more tough.

While it removes the situation of Adrian and Inori they still have to get some chemistry in a new bot lane, and they had a very good one before, and they have to deal with who is going to be the jungle starter. FlyQuest on the other hand is doing FlyQuest things so regardless as to what was happening with P1 they have the team that always cheeses coming their way. I’m taking FlyQuest here on account of the fact that they have been a pretty solid team regardless of their picks. They’ve just got it going on.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day one in bold: (31-15)

  • Team Liquid vs Cloud9 (1-2)
  • FlyQuest vs Phoenix1 (2-1)