Ash Hat Pikachu Distribution Coming to Japan for Sun and Moon

In celebration of the upcoming Pokemon: I Choose You! Movie, Japan is getting special Pikachu with Ash’s many signature hats seen throughout the anime series. For those who pre-order tickets for the film, they will receive a special one-time use code for one of Ash’s hats depending on when the tickets are ordered. In addition to being a unique looking Pikachu, it also comes with a Pikashunium Z that allows it to use the 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt Z-move in battle. There is currently no confirmed date for when we can expect to see this special Pikachu released in the west, but it will likely become available around the same time as the film sees release.

You can see the Japanese release schedule for the hats as well as pictures of all the exclusive Pikachu below!

The Original hat is available between April 15 to May 1 and June 19 to July 31.
The Hoenn hat is available between May 3 to May 15 and August 2 to August 14.
The Sinnoh hat is available between May 17 to May 29 and August 16 to August 28.
The Unova hat is available between May 31 to June 12 and August 30 to September 11.
The Kalos hat is available between June 14 to June 29 and September 13 to September 25.
Finally, the Alola hat is available between June 28 to July 17 and September 27 to October 9.