Review: Thrustmaster Y-350P Ghost Recon Wildlands Edition Headset

Ubisoft released Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands this week and it has offered an extremely entertaining experience. Thrustmaster recently announced it was getting into the gaming headset industry with its new line of headsets for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and a universal one that covers all platforms. These new headsets are officially licensed by Ubisoft and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. They are marketed as high performance headsets featuring Thrustmaster’s new Y-Sound Commander technology. We were sent the PS4 model, the Y-350P 7.1, for review. The top headsets feature 7.1 virtual surround sound and offer a very ergonomic design as the adapter attaches directly to the controller. How does this stack up and is it worth the $129.99 price tag?

It can be hard to justify the higher prices for some headsets. If you are professionally gaming, then the investment is much more logical. The universal headset might prove better for the average person as it retails for $59.99, but it certainly seems that the $129.99 price tag nets a lot of bang for the buck. In comparison to the $99.99 PlayStation Gold Headset that is wireless, the Y-350P would be worth forking out the difference for. Aesthetically, this is a beautiful headset that has weight and offers durability all while being flexible where it needs to be. The microphone can bend any way to the player’s liking and it attaches to the bottom. The only issue with the mic is that it has to plug into the left side, but that is a personal nuisance. It is somewhat difficult to plug in and remove, but at least there are no worries of it becoming disconnected.

The Y-350P offers a glossy black plastic exterior with the in-game logo of the death skull on the sides. With the Ghost Recon logo brushed across the comforting leather across the top of your head, this set truly hugs the skull in the most comforting of ways. The ear pieces cancel out sound so much more in comparison to the PlayStation Gold headset. They are also outlined with an orange line to coincide with the game’s logo design and the headset can be easily adjusted. The only negative would be storage as it lacks a folding option, however the microphone can be removed.

The Y-Sound Commander plugs into the bottom of the DualShock 4. It has buttons and light indicators on it for adjusting master volume, bass, and taking away feedback. The Commander is not wireless, but it is a positive to have that ergonomic design without having to worry about putting it on a table somewhere like most headsets have in the past. The auxiliary cable is fairly thick in comparison to the likes of the stock microphone for the PS4 or Xbox One. Lastly, the commander unit sits in a place that are normally meant for resting thumbs, so that can be an inconvenience.

When paying for a high-end headset, it can be as pretty and visually appealing as it wants, but you are purchasing for the sound quality. Thrustmaster’s Y-350P does an excellent job with its acoustics. Microphone quality is superb and almost too good. Even covering the microphone picked up the sound of my television a room over and it was not that loud. That can obviously be adjusted, however it is not overbearing when gaming with others. The virtual surround works great and is some of the best I have experienced with a headset. Ear fatigue became an issue about two hours in, but the volume and bass were cranked. The bass is not superb, even when cranked up, but is certainly sufficient enough for a high-end headset.

As for the specifics in relation to the sound in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the Y-350P offers a great experience. Explosions are loud and clear, the communications between characters is superb and crisp, and gun fire is pleasing to the ears. There was one issue, however, as electrical feedback would come into play, and more than a few times. It either required turning the feedback on and off on the commander, or adjusting the auxiliary cable. The commander comes off as a bit cheap, as there are push buttons that I normally have to hold down to make changes rather than pressing one at a time. The Y-Sound Commander does charge separately.

Closing Comments

For a high-end gaming headset, Thrustmaster’s first foray into the technology hits on all cylinders. Besides some nuisances, the Y-350P Sound Commander’s acoustics and aesthetic appeal are well worth the price. The virtual surround works wonderfully and all sound effects and music are crisp. Most importantly, the microphone audio is top notch and frankly the headset is beyond comfortable. I have never missed wearing a headset when away from a game until now. If you are in the market for spending this kind of money on a top headset, you can do no wrong with this one.