New Shenmue III Video Brings Back QTE

For fans new and old alike, Ys Net has released the second development report, giving an in-depth look at the progress of the sequel.

In Shenmue, it was common for the player to have these mini QTE experiences, whether it was sneaking around, or even trying to get to a person or object, the QTE in Shenmue was a part of what has made it so special.

It’s a nice touch seeing it being brought back into the sequel, and Ys Net had gone as far as to issuing and apology to both Kickstarter backers and fans for the delay in the release of the game. In the same update, Ys Net promised that they will be more timely in making updates.

Shenmue III is anticipated to release in 2017 on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

  • Spaghetti

    Hi, there’s an inaccuracy in this article. The Kickstarter update says:

    “It has been a long time since our last update, and we are painfully aware you all have been eagerly awaiting the monthly report. All of us here have been so wrapped up in the development process that time seems to have flown by…

    But no excuses! We apologize for the lapse and will do our best to bring you updates every month. It is beholden on us to keep you informed (without giving too much away of course!) and will do so as promised.”

    Nowhere in the update does it apologise for a delay, as one has not been announced by the development team and they are still aiming for their original December 2017 release window until further notice.

  • John

    2017?! ahahahhaha 2018 at the earliest.