Early Copies of Persona 5 to Include a Controller Skin

So, my all time personal favorite game happens to be Persona 4. Because of this, I am extremely stoked to see what Atlus does with the upcoming fifth numbered entry. Really, I’ve been starving myself of information. Avoiding glowing previews and any sort of character spoilers has been extremely difficult for my self control, but I want everything to be fresh. I don’t even want to know what the menus look like until I’m playing it. Still, this one little bit of info is acceptable: Atlus will be including a custom PlayStation 4 controller skin with specially marked copies of Persona 5. All said, it looks really cool in photos, with the way the art accents the touchpad features and face buttons. People who are terrible at applying these things, like me, can also check out the video below, with Erika Harlacher, voice actor for Ann Takamaki, applying the skin.