NA LCS Week 8 Day 2 Predictions

Well it looks like all hope is gone for Team Liquid. I don’t know the specifics about whether or not they mathematically eliminated or not, but it was harder before and only harder with every loss. Here are the rankings going into day two:

1) Team SoloMid (12-2)

2) Cloud0 (11-3)

3) Phoenix1 (9-5)

4) Counter Logic Gaming (8-7)

5) FlyQuest (7-7)

6) Team Dignitas  (7-8)

7) Immortals (6-8)

8) Echo Fox  (5-10)

9) Team Liquid (4-11)

9) Team EnVy  (3-11)

Cloud9 may have dropped out of the first spot, but the can still hold on to it with a pretty easy week ahead. Today, they have Immortals who are sitting right outside of playoffs in the seventh seed. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to cat their last match, but I’m still pretty confident in their ability to show up and get things done. On the other side of that I don’t think Immortals has what it takes to take down a top team in the LCS. I would consider their win last week against FlyQuest a good one if not everyone else in the league was beating them now too.

I’ve been on the Dig hype train since the beginning of the split and unfortunately I went with Liquid yesterday. My penance for that was a 2-0 for them against Liquid. Personally, that’s a win-win. Professionally, I lost there and disgraced the team I’ve been backing. Never again though, it’s Dig all the way and today that decision is easy because they play EnVy. EnVy looked like they were making a charge up the ladder only to be struck down by literally everyone on their way up there. So not much of a charge at all, just some semi-good performances. So in short this should be clockwork for Dig as they make their playoff push.

If TSM was playing FlyQuest about two weeks ago this may have been a hyped match. It’s still up there because it’s old C9, but Fly have really been pulling out the cheese every week and it isn’t working. It’s not working against the lesser teams in the league and I really really really hope it doesn’t against TSM. I don’t think Fly is an inferior team, but they’re picks just aren’t working out for them. If they go for the cheese I think it’s an easy 2-0. If they actually show up and play some tactical LoL it’ll be a series. Either way I’m going TSM.

I’ve lost all hope for Liquid. There I said it. I really thought the comeback of LiftLift, Piglet moving to mid and Adrian coming in as support was going to be enough, but it doesn’t look so. So couple my lack of faith with the fact that Meteos has P1 looking good and has invigorated Inori this should be a good one. While it says that Inori is the starter for tomorrow they could obviously switch things up at any time. Regardless I’m looking for P1 to take things 2-0.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day two in bold: (39-19)*No Predictions Week 9. Out of Town*

  • Cloud9 vs Immortals (0-2)
  • Team EnVy vs Team Dignitas (0-2)
  • Team SoloMid vs FlyQuest (2-1)
  • Team Liquid vs Phoenix1 (0-2)