Troll and I is Out Today for Console and PC

Maximum Games first original IP, Troll and I is out today on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for the price of $49.99. Troll and I will be available on Nintendo Switch but no date has been confirmed.

Troll and I follows the story set around Nordic folklore, following a boy named Otto who is as curious as he is adventurous, when he happens to befriend a troll due to unforeseenĀ circumstances. Together Otto and Troll (just what heā€™s called) will form a friendship that will have them doing as much soul searching, as just trying to get home. Enemies may block their path, puzzles may stand in their way, but Otto and Troll will make for quite the pair.

Being able to switch between characters on the fly or playing with a friend, Otto and Troll each have unique abilities that will help the other in the long run. Planning and strategy for situations encountered will be crucial.