Cyan Invites Players to Explore Obduction in VR Starting Today

Cyan, the creators of ’90’s classic Myst and Riven, managed to capture lightening in their bottle again last year with Obduction. By most accounts, the title was a beautiful return to what made those classic puzzlers so popular in their time. Now, the studio has gone one step further. After months of testing and tweaking, the game is now fully playable in VR.¬†Added as a free patch for existing owners, and keeping the price the same for newcomers, players will be able to experience the atmospheric sci-fi title using either Vive or Oculus Touch, to solve the riddles of the world in a hands on fashion.

“We were blown away by the number of fans who queued up at PAX East and SXSW to be among the first to go hands on with Obduction VR hand controls. Reactions ranged from praise to amazement, and it was genuinely touching to talk with generations of families that grew up on Myst and were now excited about Obduction,” said Rand Miller, CEO, Cyan. “I’m so lucky to still be making worlds in this incredible time of rapidly advancing technology that enables us to create places with such deep immersion. After 30 years of making worlds, stepping into our creations with the Vive and Rift feels like a magical milestone – very exciting times for a company that is motivated by providing grand adventures that become people’s worlds.”

This particular piece of news is rather exciting for adopters of the more expensive virtual reality gear. Elite: Dangerous not withstanding, there are very few fully fleshed out experiences for the devices. A calm story based title like Obduction is absolutely a natural fit, and provides a darn good reason to don the mask.