Llamasoft’s Polybius Gets a Date to be Dragged from the Shadows of Legend

It’s been a fantastic year for gaming but 2017 is only getting started.  Llamasoft has been teasing its new shooter Polybius for a few months now and after much work and fine-tuning it’s finally got a release date.  Polybius is coming out on April 28, and while it’s not on the US PlayStation Store yet the European one has it up for pre-order at £13.99, or £11.19 for PS Plus members.  While the US price isn’t announced yet that translates to $17.47, which gives a nice $15-$20 range to get your expectations ready.

Polybius is the newest game from Llamasoft, the Welsh development studio of Jeff “Yak” Minter and Ivan “Giles” Zorzin, best known for Tempest 2000 (Dave Theurer and crew did the original arcade game), Space Giraffe, and TxK.  With over 35 years of experience making shooter, each new game is cause for anticipation to see what Llamasoft has cooked up this time, and Polybius promises to be something more special than normal if you’ve got a VR headset.  While the game supports regular tv just fine, and has even been optimized for 3D tvs, the heart of it is best experienced with a shiny new tech-toy strapped to your face.  The gameplay is fairly straightforward arcade shooting, with the ship blasting down the surface of a tunnel auto-firing and grabbing pill-shaped powerups, but the reason the art style is simple is to enable 120 fps per eye.  Not 60 fps doubled but rather 240 individual frames of action per second, maxing out the display capabilities of Sony’s headset.  It’s also worth noting that while the art is simple that’s not the same as plain, and as the action picks up the pyschedelic color effects Llamasoft is known for get more pronounced until it’s like living inside the climactic final moments of the Speed Racer movie.

While Polybius is PS4-only at the moment, PC users will be seeing it at some point in the future, complete with Oculus Rift support.  It’ll only be 90 fps thanks to hardware specifications but that should be enough for a smooth trip shooting through the endless tunnel.  Check out the video below to get a sense of the game in action, although the version on the Sony store looks nicer without the Youtube compression running rampant on the busier sections.  -Update-  Now that it’s available the official Llamasoft version looks way nicer so the Youtube-ified video that had been below has been replaced.