Destiny’s Age of Triumph Celebrates all Guardians Next Week

The end of Destiny is near, and Bungie is ready to send it out with a bang.

What began in 2014 is drawing to a close in 2017. With Destiny 2 on the horizon, the time has come to bid farewell, and Bungie is sending Destiny off with style. Age of Triumph is a celebration of Destiny and all the content that has been released for it since day one.  There new gear, weapons, and more awaiting Guardians.

Probably the most exciting feature of Age of Triumph is that, after years of asking for it, the old Raids have been updated. Every single Raid has been raised to Light Level 390 and will drop new gear. To keep track of all your accomplishments is the new Record Book, which is the biggest one in Destiny history. Alongside all this is the new Daybreak Nightfall modifier, which will really crank up the difficulty in strikes.

Destiny originally launched in 2014, and was followed by expansions The Taken King in 2015 and Rise of Iron in 2016. Though quite polarizing at launch, Destiny has since gone on to be one of the more beloved franchises in the industry. Though the sequel remains shrouded in mystery, a leaked poster outed that it will be called Destiny 2, and that an announcement could come as early as today.

For now though, let’s celebrate what came before. Destiny: Age of Triumph kicks off March 28. You do need to own all previous expansions to participate.