Nintendo of America Comments on Missed Bye-Bye BoxBoy! Release

On March 9 Nintendo of America sent out a tweet stating that Bye-Bye BoxBoy, the final entry to the series, would be seeing release in the 3DS eshop on March 23 for both Europe and North America. While Europe did indeed receive the digital release two days ago, it appears that Nintendo of America not only deleted their original tweet but has yet to confirm any official release for the title in North America at all.

There does seem to be at least a small glimmer of hope for those looking forward to the title, as when a Nintendo representative was asked for a comment on the situation they stated that “Nintendo will provide additional updates once the information has been corrected and confirmed.” It still seems very likely that Bye-Bye BoxBoy will get the North American release and hopefully Nintendo will update fans with the news as soon as things are sorted out, perhaps even with an update on whether or not fans can expect the Qbby amiibo to be released as well.