Sony is Randomly Sending Out Discount and Voucher Codes

Reports are coming in from the likes of reddit and neogaf that Playstation account holders are receiving emails that feature one of two things. Players are stating they are receiving 20% discount codes for the PlayStation Store, while others have claimed they received a Golden Ticket worth $100. That will surely make a weekend for somebody. It seems to be only happening in the United States and the lucky chosen few have until March 31 to use the code before it expires. That is six days from now, and MLB 17: The Show comes out on Tuesday. I am sure this will be great timing for someone to either get a nice discount or get the game for free.

These codes work on already discounted products. Not to mention, Sony is currently having one of its weekend flash sales going on. The reddit thread confirming the $100 voucher can be seen here, while the neogaf thread is here. So it is safe to say PlayStation account holders should check their email that is tied into their account. Titles like Nioh could be purchased for around $40 with the code.