On-Rails Rhythm Title Aaero Confirmed for April

If the likes of Rez Infinite and Thumper have proven anything, it’s that rhythm-based games — be it those on-rails — have not lost any of their appeal. And two-man studio Mad Fellows are hoping to add to that small-but-cherished list of titles with their own neon-soaked, electronic music-led title Aaero. Rather than matching up to an allotted series or row of beats, Aaero instead requires players to use the analog stick to guide your accompanying ship through a glowing stream that twists and turns in order to rack up a high score and even, during each level’s brief series of interludes, take on an end “boss” of sorts.

Aaero has been a long time coming and is certainly one indie title that’s seen its fair share of showreels and hands-on demonstrations at many a trade/public conventions. But it looks like Mad Fellows’ game will at last see the light of day and get its potential moment to shine when it launches April 11 for PS4, Xbox One & PC. Check out the game’s latest trailer below to get a better idea/feel of Aaero’s gameplay.