MMO The Secret World Relaunches as Shared-World Action RPG this Spring

Funcom hinted at its Secret World relaunch in their recent financials but very little had been said about what that will entail exactly. While most of that is still true Executive Producer Scott Junior did pen a little letter for all the fans out there waiting with bated breath.

Today we’re writing to you to announce that The Secret World will be relaunching this spring as Secret World Legends, a shared-world action RPG featuring over 100 hours of story-driven quests and revamped gameplay and progression systems that will be completely free to play.

Starting sometime this spring The Secret World will transition to being called Secret World Legends and promises to deliver a revamped combat system that offers a more natural and intuitive feel. The relaunch will also feature some sort of graphics upgrade and a new structured flow of quests while at the same time keeping the hundred plus hours of story content. What started as a fairly standard MMO will now be a shared-world action RPG.

Secret World Legends does not currently have an exact release date though a closed beta is available to register for by clicking here. Players who’ve spent time and money in the original version will be able to transfer over their character and certain vanity items. The Secret World will also retain a server to itself though it’s safe to assume Secret World Legends is where Funcom’s focus will be from here on out.