Nier: Automata Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes

For anyone who’s been paying attention, Nier: Automata (released earlier this month) has been doing very well for itself. It may not be in the AAA game club, but hey, even that doesn’t mean you’re the best. So, what’s better than a stellar game? A game with a soundtrack to match, and Niers soundtrack is a thing of beauty.

If Nier is sitting on the back end then picking up this soundtrack is a must, it’s as lovely as the composers behind it. With the likes of Keiichi Okabe, Kuniyuki Takahashi and Keigo Hoashi all bringing their own personality to the sounds of Nier, it’s hard not to think about what it means to be human, or robot.

The Nier: Automata soundtrack is available on the iTunes store for 15.99 USD, read our full review of Nier here.