Over 13,000 Pokémon Players Have Been Banned From Global Link

Pokémon games have created a very competitive environment for its fans. The latest in the series, Sun and Moon, incorporated very strategic abilities and attacks for trainers to try out. While many competitions are on friendly terms, some have been taking advantage of modifying data in order to win or gain more from the game.

The Pokémon Company has announced 13,605 players have now been banned from participating in various online modes. Rating Battles, Online Competitions and Global Missions are all areas where players have conducted this misbehavior. While the exact details have not been revealed, it is possible multiple ways in changing data and content are the reason why.

As a result, those affected will have all Rating Battle rankings removed. They cannot join any future online competitions. And, they will no longer be allowed to use Game Sync or the above mentioned online events using the same game containing modified data. This is quite a big deal since you can only obtain certain items from online challenges, gaining Festival Plaza FC from participating in Global Missions and can even affect your possibility to compete in World Championship tournaments as some competitions can earn you points toward entering.

The Pokémon Company has also announced they will be cracking down on more violations in the future and at unexpected intervals. Again, not all details of data modification have been revealed, so it advised to take care of your save file and Pokémon in the preferred manner as per the game manual instructions.