Sword Combat Explained in Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes

Another day, another developer diary from the folks over at Rare and the Sea of Thieves team. This one dives deep into how sword combat will feel in the seafaring pirate MMO.

Community Video Manager John McFarlane takes us through the studio to speak with some of the game’s developers to share insight as to why sword combat is so important to the team and what it’ll feel like in the finished product.

“We want to expand it into a deeper system which allows players to get better at it, work at how they use the mechanics to fight as a crew and capture the vision of exciting dynamic sword meeting sword combat… We want players to be using all the different environments… You’re up on the cliff and you knock someone off the edge and you jump down onto the beach after them and carry on the sword fight.” – Design Director Gregg Mayles

Sea of Thieves is currently planned for a release sometime in 2017. Sign up for the Insider Programme for a chance to test out the game before it launches.