DiRT 4 Has Plenty to Offer Muddy Enthusiasts

Codemasters has managed to develop an excellent rally racing simulator with its DiRT series. DiRT Rally is a fine example of just how difficult this type of racing can be. That game is so difficult that it turned some people away, and the team hopes to rectify that with DiRT 4. The hopes are to make the game more approachable, while keeping its core intact for its hardcore fan base. During a recent event, we were able to go hands-on with DiRT 4 while having two components in mind, the casual aspect and the simulation aspect. There is no doubt the game looks phenomenal and it will include PS4 Pro enhancements, but it is how it handles on the track that will leave the longest impression.

To invite the casual fan to the series, the game will include plenty of assists that other racing games feature. Aspects such as anti-lock brakes and traction control will be there to help newbies get accustomed to this type of racing. The game will feature four different aspects of racing. The first will be traditional rally racing with different classes of cars. DiRT 4 will also feature historic rally cars for those true enthusiasts. The other two modes will be a rally cross, which blends off-roading and tarmac (asphalt) and lastly, it will have off-road stadium truck racing. There will be plenty to offer muddy enthusiasts.

DiRT 4 will feature a track generator that can cater to different difficulties, as well. These tracks will be able to be shared as the in-game generator will allow players to choose how tough the actual track is, the environment and much more. This generator also allows for infinite replayability in terms of tracks to race. Players can also drive fairly far off of the track, as there will be no invisible wall to keep them within the confides of the road. Playing with a steering wheel with no assists proved incredibly difficult to even stay on the track in a snowy condition. The developers mentioned to us that this is a type of racing that you cannot race at 100% as the conditions will not allow for quick adjusting.

Another aspect to invite the casual fan will be the DiRT Academy, as players will be able to learn about how rally racing works. In this sport, there is a co-driver as there is no on-screen map to navigate. The co-driver provides important information for upcoming turns. The game will also feature a spotter for the multi-car races to make sure the player is clear of any opponents before entering turns or passing. The game will initially have a difficulty test so it can put the player in the most comfortable position for competition.

Besides the track generator in the game, DiRT 4 will feature a new My Career mode. This is not just progressing seasons, but offers much more of a team aspect. Players will gain sponsors, get improved engineers and much more that attribute to success in racing. With a realistic damage model, the better the engineers, the better the turnaround time for car repairs in between events.

The developers are doing their best to correct what was wrong with DiRT Rally, even though it was an excellent game. Games like that and Project CARS are not for a casual fan, but Codemasters does not want to leave people out who find a game too difficult. They are providing the tools needed for new players to become masters all while including a track generator to offer replayability for those who wanted more tracks on the previous game. Again, the team is keeping the core of the game intact while improving the handling model to give the hardcore fan something to master and adore.