Guns of Icarus Alliance Out Now With a Charitable Bang

Guns of Icarus Alliance, the new co-op/PvE airship combat experience from the makers Guns of Icarus Online is now available. What makes the launch of this new title special is that the release will commence with 48 hours of streaming where factions will battle for a $10,000 grand prize to award to their charity of choice over a private server. Viewer donations will be converted to in game items so spectators can give their favorite faction (or charity) an edge. Over 60 streamers are playing with everyone from Trick2g to Crream joining in on the fun, and they will be able to be identified from other Guns of Icarus Alliance players on twitch with their exclusive gold tools. The streamers will be fighting for one of four factions. The cutthroat Mercantile, facing a plague in their own lands, lend their support to the Doctors without Borders, the ecological Chaladon, always looking to the world of medicine, with the Game-Changer, the Noble Baronies, with their knights fighting for honor, put their swords to Stack-Up to help soldiers, and last the resilient Anglean Republic, wanting to save the world with technology, join forces with Save the Children.