THQ Nordic Bringing Rad Rodgers to Consoles

Late last year, a nostalgia-leaning 3D platformer, funded via Kickstarter, by the name of Rad Rodgers launched for PC. While at the time of review we believed it had its issues, the game still turned out to be rather enjoyable affair. Well it appears that publisher THQ Nordic have acquired the rights from the game’s creators, developer Slipgate Studios, to bring the game to both PS4 & Xbox One.

Rad Rodgers is marketed as a forth wall-breaking, 3D-rendered side-scroller that stars twelve year-old Rad Rodgers and his newly-discovered console-come-to-life friend, Dusty. The game had previously been published by 3D Realms on PC. “We’re honored to have had the chance to work with such a creative group of indie developers,” Josh Olin of 3D Realms explained. “[We’re] happy we could help find Rad Rodgers such a promising new future with our friends at THQ Nordic.” Development of the console iterations has only just begun and such no firm release date has been given.