Cube World Still Lives, May Even be Released Someday

It’s been a very long time since Cube World’s alpha was released, and almost as long since it was updated.  2013 is a long time gone but the game is still under development, getting new features that get revealed on the developer’s Twitter every now and then.  The last one was a single screenshot back in November, which was the only update since August.  Today was a rare triple-post, though, showcasing multiple new features while giving fans hope that the first update since 2013 might happen sometime this year.  Maybe.  Possibly.  At this point it’s probably best to kick back and watch the game come together at its own speed, knowing that it will happen someday and be available when its creator is ready to turn it loose.  In the meantime, check out the two new videos below, available in handy tweet form, and check out the screenshot of that sweet dungeon map.