Victor Vran’s New Expansion Goes Metal

With the upcoming Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, players will get the two upcoming expansions for the game: Fractured Worlds and Mötorhead: Through the Ages. Both expansions are decently sized and offer a ton of new content for fans who have completed the main game’s story. The Overkill Edition will also christen the game’s debut onto consoles, with the bundle coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

So first, there’s Mötorhead: Through The Ages, which is an entire world based on the band and their music. It’s essentially an ode to the band and its members, with references to certain songs, items that you can find and there are even little cameos from the members of the band. In Mötorhead, there are three distinct worlds that you can travel between as you complete the new quests that you can complete for all new loot. The worlds within the Mötorhead expansion are distinctly metal, with dark and dreary cities and hellhounds and everything. There’s also a lot of military iconography throughout, due to the fact that the front man of the band, Lemmy, was a huge fan of military uniforms and things like that.

There’s also Fractured Worlds, which instead of being a standalone, is more of an expansion of the endgame from the vanilla version of Victor Vran. The gist is that the world from the main game has been fractured (obviously), allowing you to explore familiar areas, but with a twist, and also with tons of new enemies and loot. What’s interesting is that there are also four new dungeons and these dungeons are procedurally generated on a daily basis. The idea is that every day you can go down into these dungeons and fight through a whole new experience whilst grabbing as many treasures as you can before you’re chased back up to the top. So while Fractured Worlds has you going through many of the same areas that you did in the main game, there is an almost infinite amount of new dungeons that you’ll be able to explore if you’re willing to make the trek.

Even though it was my first time playing Victor Vran and I only got to tool around for about a half hour, I could tell that there was not just a ton of stuff to do, but that the people who worked on it really cared about making it good. Just talking to one of the devs about the Mötorhead expansion and working with Lemmy on the project had him talking nonstop. It was great to see that much passion and it’s evident within the game. The art, the story and the music are all well done, and the gameplay is a lot of fun. The loadout and crafting systems are kind of complicated, both in the way that they work mechanically and how you maneuver the menus to customize it all, but I’m sure hardcore action RPG fans are much more versed in how these things work than I am as a more new-to-the-game type fan.

The Overkill Edition will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this spring. Each of the expansions will also be coming to Steam.