Big Day for LRG: Mutant Mudds, Risk of Rain, Ys Origin, and Mages of Mystralia

Announcements tend to get spaced out over time but every once in a while everything kicks off at once.  Today was that day for Limited Run Games, with a pile of news flooding onto the Twitter for four new releases.  First up is Mutant Mudds, coming out in two versions.  Mutant Mudds Deluxe and Mutant Mudds Super Challenge are two separate games, so get individual releases.  Next up is fan-favorite Risk of Rain, one of the outstanding games of 2013.  After that came the heavy hitters, the first of which is Ys: Origin, which is getting both a standard version and a deluxe edition with art book.  Everything so far is both PS4 and Vita, but the final announcement breaks the dual-console streak by being PS4 only.  On the plus side it’s Mages of Mystralia, available to order right now through its Kickstarter campaign.  Unlike other Kickstarters, Mystralia’s version has the same cover as the one you’ll eventually be able to order direct through the web site, but if you want to avoid a Friday-morning ordering scramble you can both support its campaign and get a pre-order in with just the one donation.  There’s no release dates yet for any of today’s revelations, and the only one with a ballpark print run is Ys: Origins at 5-6,000 per system, 2,000 of which will be the Collector’s Edition.  They’ll all go on sale for the normal duration of a few minutes to a full weekend, depending on demand, and then be sold out forever, except for the Ys: Origin Collector’s Editions.  That’s an availability that will be measured in fractions of a second.