Vive Set to Celebrate Its First Birthday

Time certainly does fly. It’s already been a year since the HTC Vive has launched. Being the (subjectively) superior VR platform between the two biggies has treated it well, and it does get quite a bit of use from this happy owner, but it also feels like I just got it….

Anyhow, the first birthday of the device is kind of a big deal in my book, and it looks like the company is treating it as much themselves with some nice perks. First up, the Vive will be getting a $100 discount on the actual day, April 5. Coming from someone who paid full price, this isn’t a bad deal at all. Of course, that new Vive is going to need some software. Steam does has a load of cool freebies to try, such as The Lab or Google Earth VR. The headset does also have a separate, and easily accessible, marketplace called Viveport. This is where it gets interesting.

On April 5, a new subscription service for Viveport will become available. For $6.99 a month, Vive owners will be able to select five titles from the marketplace, like Fantastic Contraption or TheBlu, for unlimited play for the month. Those who want to keep the same title for the next month are free to do so, or they can rotate out for new titles. It’s kind of like an unlimited rental service, and it’s certainly a bargain in my book, as this deal will feed my need for new content at a reasonable price. The first month will be free, so folks will be able to check it out and see if it’s worth it to them.

Finally, all Vive owners will be able to snag a free copy of 2Bears Studios’ Arcade Saga. A minigame collection featuring elements of pinball, table tennis, and archery, the game typically sells for twenty bucks. While the game will need to be claimed on April 5, this won’t be a loan, but a permanent addition to the owner’s library.