Blizzard Wins Over $8.5 Million Lawsuit in Copyright Damages Against Cheat Creator

Blizzard has finally won in a long lasting lawsuit against a German company, Bossland – which creates cheats for online games.

Reported by TorrentFreak, it was ruled in the California District Court that Bossland owed Blizzard a total of $8,563,600 for 42, 818 violations. In addition to this Bossland will be paying $174, 872 in Blizzard’s attorney fees.

The ruling prevents Bossland from selling its products in the US, including hacks like “Honorbuddy”, “Demonbuddy”, “Stormbuddy”, “Heartbuddy” and “Watchover tyrant”. The Honorbuddy bot – used in World of Warcraft, allows players to level up and earn resources while being away from their computers.  These bots were the primary cause of the ruling that Bossland had infringed on Blizzard’s products by damaging player experiences.

The court order reads, “Players of the Blizzard Games lodged complaints against cheating players, which has caused users to grow dissatisfied with the Blizzard Games and cease playing.”

The bots from Bossland had started polluting Blizzard titles to such an extent to where Blizzard had spent funds on blocking the hacking from going on in their games.

According to TorrentFreak, Bossland CEO Zwetan Letschew has expressed that the cheats will remain outside the US, and Bossland will continue the legal battle against Blizzard even after the judgment has been made against them.