FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Now Available on Steam, Updated Console Release Date Revealed

The FlatOut series has become well-known for delivering demolition derby-inspired racing action that longtime fans of games like Destruction Derby and Demolition Racer grew to love. The third entry received mixed reviews, but the first two entries were outstanding, and the fourth aims to give fans more of what worked before. The game is now available on Steam, and will be released in retail and digital shelves on the Xbox One and PS4 on May 2.

PC gamers will be in for a treat though, as there are a lot of exclusives in that version. The ice lake and factory are only there, along with two vehicles, two drives, a slew of free music DLC and things like Big Picture mode compatibility and partial Steam controller support to make things more enjoyable. The Thrustmaster steering wheel is planned to be supported in the coming moth alongside the Steam workshop. PC users can get a 15% discount on launch week, while those who wait can pay the standard $39.99 price after that time period is up. We’ll be reviewing FlatOut 4 shortly – so keep an eye out for our coverage of it in the coming days.