Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Death (Tae Takemi)

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*Values highlighted in red are optimal choices.


1 Rejuvenation Increases the selection of healing items at the clinic.
3 Sterilization Adds more healing items to the clinic.
5 Immunization Adds support items to the inventory at the clinic.
7 Discount Decreases the price for all items sold at the clinic.
MAX Resuscitation Increase the selection of revival items at the clinic.

Rank 2

Level 2 Courage Required

Response 1I have a bad heart. +2We’re on a date. +0I know my rights. +0
Response 2I agree. +2Harassment? +0The Plague? +0

Rank 3

Response 1What was that about? +0Was that an emergency? +0
Response 2A medical error? +0What do you mean? +0
Response 3I don’t mind. +2Is it true? +0I need the medicine. +2

Rank 4

Response 1You’ll be OK. +0Dr. Takemi will help. +2
Response 2You seem happy. +3You’re so kind. +2Why free? +2

Rank 5

Response 1They trust you. +0Was it really your fault? +0
Response 2I had no idea. +0It’s not too late. +0
Response 3That’s good. +3When will it be done? +2… “Probably”? +0

Rank 6

Response 1Well, someone’s popular. +0You seem annoyed. +0Did something happen? +0
Response 2Having fun? +0You ARE a genius. +0
Response 3You’re a masochist. +0It suits you. +3You’re not honest. +2

Rank 7

Response 1This is harassment. +2She’s a great doctor. +2Please be quiet. +2
Response 2Don’t lose hope. +0Let’s ask for details. +0…… +0
Response 3Just rest for today. +2Anything I can do? +2Let’s retaliate. +0
Response 4It was inevitable. +0We all do sometimes. +3I’m glad you did. +2

Rank 7.5

Level 4 Charm Required

Response 1What about Miwa-chan? +0You OK with this? +0
Response 2Don’t give up. +0Anything you can do? +0I’m your ally. +2
Response 3You gonna run away? +0And your patients? +0
Response 4What’s his full name? +0Tell me about him. +0
Response 5I won’t do anything. +0It’s for my research. +0

Rank 8

Response 1Miwa-chan is alive. +0Oyamada lied to you. +0
Response 2You should hurry. +2Let’s get to work, doctor. +3It’s not over yet. +3
Response 3It’s for Miwa-chan +3It’s for my exams. +2It’s for you. +3

Rank 9

Response 1Don’t worry about it. +2It was for my exams. +2It was rough. +3
Response 2That’s troubling. +0And your patients? +0
Response 3I wanted to see you. +0 (ROMANCE)It was for my exams. +0 END
Response 4I love you. +2 (ROMANCE)What do you think? +0 END
Response 5It isn’t a joke. +3 (ROMANCE)That sounds good. +0

Rank MAX

Response 1Uh, what? +0Is that a joke? +0
Response 2It’s a coincidence. +0I wonder… +2So what if it’s true? +0
Response 3What kind? +2Yes, please. +3