Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Death (Tae Takemi)

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*Values highlighted in red are optimal choices.


Rank Ability Description
1 Rejuvenation Increases the selection of healing items at the clinic.
3 Sterilization Adds more healing items to the clinic.
5 Immunization Adds support items to the inventory at the clinic.
7 Discount Decreases the price for all items sold at the clinic.
MAX Resuscitation Increase the selection of revival items at the clinic.

Rank 2

Level 2 Courage Required

Response 1 I have a bad heart. +2 We’re on a date. +0 I know my rights. +0
Response 2 I agree. +2 Harassment? +0 The Plague? +0

Rank 3

Response 1 What was that about? +0 Was that an emergency? +0
Response 2 A medical error? +0 What do you mean? +0
Response 3 I don’t mind. +2 Is it true? +0 I need the medicine. +2

Rank 4

Response 1 You’ll be OK. +0 Dr. Takemi will help. +2
Response 2 You seem happy. +3 You’re so kind. +2 Why free? +2

Rank 5

Response 1 They trust you. +0 Was it really your fault? +0
Response 2 I had no idea. +0 It’s not too late. +0
Response 3 That’s good. +3 When will it be done? +2 … “Probably”? +0

Rank 6

Response 1 Well, someone’s popular. +0 You seem annoyed. +0 Did something happen? +0
Response 2 Having fun? +0 You ARE a genius. +0
Response 3 You’re a masochist. +0 It suits you. +3 You’re not honest. +2

Rank 7

Response 1 This is harassment. +2 She’s a great doctor. +2 Please be quiet. +2
Response 2 Don’t lose hope. +0 Let’s ask for details. +0 …… +0
Response 3 Just rest for today. +2 Anything I can do? +2 Let’s retaliate. +0
Response 4 It was inevitable. +0 We all do sometimes. +3 I’m glad you did. +2

Rank 7.5

Level 4 Charm Required

Response 1 What about Miwa-chan? +0 You OK with this? +0
Response 2 Don’t give up. +0 Anything you can do? +0 I’m your ally. +2
Response 3 You gonna run away? +0 And your patients? +0
Response 4 What’s his full name? +0 Tell me about him. +0
Response 5 I won’t do anything. +0 It’s for my research. +0

Rank 8

Response 1 Miwa-chan is alive. +0 Oyamada lied to you. +0
Response 2 You should hurry. +2 Let’s get to work, doctor. +3 It’s not over yet. +3
Response 3 It’s for Miwa-chan +3 It’s for my exams. +2 It’s for you. +3

Rank 9

Response 1 Don’t worry about it. +2 It was for my exams. +2 It was rough. +3
Response 2 That’s troubling. +0 And your patients? +0
Response 3 I wanted to see you. +0 (ROMANCE) It was for my exams. +0 END
Response 4 I love you. +2 (ROMANCE) What do you think? +0 END
Response 5 It isn’t a joke. +3 (ROMANCE) That sounds good. +0

Rank MAX

Response 1 Uh, what? +0 Is that a joke? +0
Response 2 It’s a coincidence. +0 I wonder… +2 So what if it’s true? +0
Response 3 What kind? +2 Yes, please. +3

  • NoctisOugiBoogie

    Tae is love. Tae is life.

    • Andre Jackson

      This guy gets it

    • Serge ✓ᴹᵉᵗᵃᶫ ˢᶫᶦᵐᵉ ᴷᶦᶰᵍ

      Actualy she is literally Death.

      • Brian Rodriguez

        The arcana of Death represents life, death and rebirths so she technically is life itself.

  • The dialogue at the end when you romance her, it is the best!

  • Salivation_Army

    This guide is not quite complete – to get the romance option with Takemi, according to the Japanese wiki, you need to pick “I’m glad you did” at rank 7, “I’m your ally” at rank 7.5, and “It’s for Miwa-chan” at rank 8. I only did one of those, and didn’t get the romance option.

    • Brian Rodriguez

      I got the whole romance deal just by following this guide you probably made a wrong choice earlier on. Also in order to get her romance you need to have decent stats overall if you only have charm you will not be able to do the best answers.

      • Salivation_Army

        There’s any number of people on gamefaqs who had the same problem with Tae’s route, and didn’t pick the answers I mentioned above. Also, this was in New Game+, my social stats were 5 across the board.

    • Eric Bishton

      I ended up going my first run without a guide and I got the romance option while only picking “I’m your Ally.”

      But I also picked “It’s for you” instead of it’s for Miwa chan cuz let’s be honest I don’t know Miwa chan I’m here for Tae

  • Gaylord1

    Tae is best non-party Girl.

  • Noel Vermillia

    Why can’t I date her every day after 10 stars?