Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Devil (Ichiko Ohya)

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*Values highlighted in red are optimal choices.


Rank Ability Description
1 Rumor-filled Scoop Lessens security level increases, and decreases security level more overnight.
4 Shocking Scoop Delivers the same effect as Rumor-filled Scoop, but to greater effect.
7 Outrageous Scoop Delivers the same effects as Rumor-filled Scoop, but to incredible effect.
MAX Legendary Scoop Security level will not increase, and will drop to zero overnight.

Rank 2

Response 1 Why do you ask? +0 I don’t. +0 Mishima might… +2
Response 2 Worth…? +0 What about their justice? +0
Response 3 I like the atmosphere. +0 It’s for the article. +2 Tell me about that incident. +0

Rank 3

Response 1 Minors couldn’t do that stuff. +0 You might be right. +0 You shouldn’t make assumptions. +2
Response 2 What’s the difference? +0 I’m sure you are. +0
Response 3 Why not change careers? +0 Maybe you should quit. +0
Response 4 What was she accused of? +0 What happened? +0 She was falsely accused? +2

Rank 4

Response 1 What’s this about? +0 She hasn’t done anything wrong. +0
Response 2 Of course we are. +2 Don’t tell anybody. +2
Response 3 Our movie is about to start. +0 That’s enough. +0 We’re dating. Seriously. +0

Rank 5

Response 1 Because of your investigation? +0 Because of your incident? +0 Are you sure we’re the same? +0
Response 2 I’m curious. +0 You can trust me. +0
Response 3 What was the cause of death? +0 Who killed him? +0
Response 4 That sounds like defamation. +2 That’s unforgivable. +3 How’s your search going? +0

Rank 6

Response 1 Did something bad happen? +0 Having trouble at work? +0
Response 2 He must not like you. +2 Did he find out? +0
Response 3 Do you have evidence of that? +0 You should trust in her. +2 You might be right. +0
Response 4 That’s the spirit +2 You’re a great journalist. +2 What about your quota? +0

Rank 7

Response 1 What was that about? +0 Could it be…? +0
Response 2 Calm down. +2 Don’t let him provoke you. +3 Let’s think of another way. +3
Response 3 You should work on that. +2 You’re charming as you are. +3

Rank 7.5

Response 1 Like what? +0 You seem tired. +2 So… I have a pet cat… +0
Response 2 What’s the chief’s name? +0 Tell me more about him. +0

Rank 8

Response 1 He reflected on his actions. +0 Aren’t you happy? +0
Response 2 Did I? Can’t remember. +0 Uh, nope. +0
Response 3 I’m glad to hear that. +0 Thank god. +0
Response 4 That’s not like you. +3 You need pursue the truth. +3 I’ll go with you. +3

Rank 9

Response 1 Are you OK? +0 Did you learn the truth? +0
Response 2 What are you going to do? +0 You’re not giving up, are you? +2
Response 3 I can’t leave you. +3 I want to help. +3 I need those articles. +0
Response 4 Of course not. +0 No way. +0
Response 5 I took it seriously. +0 (ROMANCE) I didn’t take it seriously. +0 END
Response 6 I love you, Ichiko. +0 (ROMANCE) I’m just kidding. +0

Rank MAX

Response 1 You’re really earnest. +2 Is that entertainment? +3 You don’t need my info? +0
Response 2 I’m glad to hear that. +3 I’ll read the next issue. +3
Response 3 So you knew all along? +0 It’s just a coincidence. +0 Lala’s the real phantom thief. +0
Response 4 It’s up to you. +3 I want to go to your place. +3

  • Hugo Rousseau

    Probably the worst confidant.. Unless you are a completitionist or interested into her or her story, you should just skip her. her abilities are useless, you can easily just craft items that will do the same if you REALLY need the effect.

    • Henry Olguin

      Look at all that salt.
      Have you not understood the core game mechanic of arcana burst?

      • Bayu Nugraha

        don’t care, i’ll do anything for my charm to be max

        • Henry Olguin

          Fair enough, point is, some people will wanna do the guide 😛

        • Ryan Smith

          You’re right. I’m just realizing i would have much rather spent my evenings with Ichiko than going to the bath house so I could have been boosting my arcana burst while improving my charm at the same time. Though I will admit her benefits are not all that useful. Especially considering I rarely take more than one day to locate the treasure in a dungeon.

    • Judge Rhymehold

      Yeah. Useless abilities

    • Zephyr_Weiss

      What’s so useless about getting THE most powerful persona in the whole game? It requires you to complete all confidants, dumbass

  • Jaldaboath I. Irghen

    I can’t seem to get her past rank 5 is there any requirement I’m not seeing?