Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Hanged (Munehisa Iwai)

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*Values highlighted in red are optimal choices.


1 Starter Customization Allows you to customize guns to improve their performance.
3 Medium Customization Allows you to customize mid-grade guns.
5 Discount Decreases the cost of gun customization.
7 Expert Customization Allows you to customize high-grade guns.
MAX Ace Customization Allows you to customize special-grade guns.

Rank 1

Level 4 Courage Required

Rank 2

Response 1Maybe I should call him. +0… Iwai seems sick. +0
Response 2Nothing in particular. +0I was daydreaming, sorry. +0
Response 3Who was that guy? +0What should I do now? +2How’s your cold? +2

Rank 3

Response 1I know how it feels. +0Is it seriously that hard? +0
Response 2I always knew you were a thug. +3Oh. I, uh… have to go. +0Y-Yakuza!? +2
Response 3Not really. +0No, I like that stuff. +0We made a deal, didn’t we? +3
Response 4Is that one of your customers? +0Why are you being so mean? +0

Rank 4

Response 1Iwai. +0I can’t tell you. +0It’s none of your business. +0
Response 2What was that about? +0So that was Tsuda? +0What did he mean, “sell” him? +0
Response 3Hong Kong mafia. +0A 100 million yen deal. +0
Response 4Give it your all. +0You two should play nice. +2Where’s my reward. +3

Rank 5

Response 1Why not? +0You shouldn’t lie to your son. +0
Response 2You’re so kind, Iwai. +0You’re pathetic. +3You should call the cops. +0
Response 3That’s right. +2Don’t make assumptions. +0I’ll stick around for the guns. +3

Rank 6

Response 1Why would he say that? +0No, nothing even close. +0
Response 2He definitely does. +0You should ask him. +0
Response 3Our futures. +2Girls. +3That’s a secret. +3
Response 4Right. +3You should tell him, Iwai. +0You should buy us something. +3

Rank 7

Response 1Not at all. +0Absolutely. +3I guess he likes guns? +2
Response 2That’s horrible. +0He’s clever. +3What a crafty bastard. +2
Response 3Is Tsuda seriously dangerous? +0Are you going alone? +0

Rank 7.5

MAX Courage Required

Response 1It most definitely was. +2I did it all for Iwai. +3Actually, it’s been fun. +0
Response 2I will. +2I want to help you. +2I can’t. +0
Response 3What’s his full name? +0Tell me his name. +0

Rank 8

Response 1It’s not impossible. +0I dunno. +2He’s matured. +0
Response 2I’m back, baby. +2I guess I could consider it. +3If you pay me well. +3

Rank 9

Response 1That’s great news. +2I feel bad for him. +0Are you sure he’s alive? +3
Response 2Who’s Masa? +0Will Karou be OK? +0
Response 3We should hurry. +0Let’s close up shop. +0
Response 4What’s your goal here, Masa? +0Cut the bullshit. +0
Response 5Tell him the truth. +3You need to trust your son. +3
Response 6Karou is really strong-willed. +3He gets that maturity from you. +2He’s a cool kid, huh? +3

Rank MAX

Response 1It’s up to you now, Iwai. +3Kaoru won’t lose. +3Iwai’s kind of slow. +0
Response 2I couldn’t leave him. +0It was for the special menu. +0
Response 3It’s a coincidence. +0Should we close up? +0What if you’re right? +2