Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Hermit (Futaba Sakura)

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*Values highlighted in red are optimal choices.


1Moral Support Chance to cast Kaja or party-healing magic during battle.
2Mementos Scan Chance to fully map the floor of Mementos when entering that floor.
4Position HackChance to instantly Hold Up enemies when starting a battle.
6Active SupportMoral Support may now Charge or recover SP.
7Treasure RebootChance to revive search objects in the area after battle.
9Emergency ShiftChance to swap current party with backups when 2 or more people are KO’d.
MAXFinal GuardChance to nullify a fatal attack to a current party member.
MAXSecond AwakeningTransforms her Persona into a mythological trickster.

Rank 2

Level 4 Kindness Required

Response 1That wouldn’t solve anything. +0That’s a great idea. +2
Response 2If we work together. +3Want me to help? +2I don’t know. +0
Response 3Sounds good to me. +0Can you tell me again? Repeat Response

Rank 3

Response 1I what? +0So you’re OK? +0I was about to come find you. +3
Response 2Good to see you again. +3You’re the one who appeared. +2You need to be more careful. +0

Rank 4

Response 1Nope. +2Let’s do this together. +3If you want. +0
Response 2No, you’re talented. +0I bet they were just surprised. +0
Response 3Not at all. +2Everyone does it. +2I think it’s cute. +3

Rank 5

Response 1He’s in my class. +0Friend might be a bit much. +0
Response 2I think you’re right. +3No. +0Your… what? +2
Response 3What’s an NPC? +2Savage. +0He’s the protagonist. +3

Rank 6

Response 1Were you happy? +2That must have been a shock. +3How did you react? +0
Response 2You didn’t know any better. +2Did you apologize to her? +0Sounds like it was her fault. +0
Response 3Understood. +0Someone’s pushy today. +0

Rank 7

Response 1What horrible parents. +2We have to put a stop to this. +2Strange… how? +0
Response 2I’ll do it, for you. +3We’ll show them the truth. +3Give me some time. +2

Rank 8

Response 1That’s incredible. +3I’m glad to hear that. +3Did you stutter at all? +2
Response 2You worked really hard too. +3You’re making me blush… +2Do I get a reward? +0
Response 3Fine by me. +0That’s all? +0

Rank 9

Response 1You’ve really matured. +3What if you get bullied again? +2
Response 2That doesn’t sound healthy… +0Are you OK, Futaba? +3You’re imagining things. +2
Response 3If you want. +2No way. +2You’re giving up? +0
Response 4Because we’re teammates. +0 ENDBecause I love you. +0 (ROMANCE)
Response 5-7I would like that / If that’s OK with you. +0Um, Hello? / Is something wrong? +0Earth to Futaba? / Are you still alive? +0

Rank MAX

Response 1What are you talking about? +0Don’t worry about it. +0…Pardoned? +0
Response 2Mission complete. +0Nice job, Futaba. +0You did great. +0
Response 3I know. +0I don’t mind. +0I like being close. +0
Response 4What’s wrong. +0Come closer. +0
Response 5Take your time. +3You can do this. +3We’ll do it together. +3
Response 6You can’t lose to her. +3Do you want a job too? +2
Response 7I honor my promises. +0Just keep it cheap. +0You remember that? +0
Response 8I’m counting on you. +0That’s a lot of pressure. +0
Response 9You already have that right. +3Took you long enough to ask. +3I want that right too. +3