Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Lovers (Ann Takamaki)

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*Values highlighted in red are optimal choices.


Rank Ability Description
1 Baton Pass Allows you to pass your turn over to other Baton Pass users after 1 More.
2 Follow Up Chance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker’s attack does not down the enemy.
3 Girl Talk Chance to step in after Shadow negotiation fails, allowing a retry.
5 Crocodile Tears Chance to force enemies to ask for less during negotiations.
6 Harisen Recovery Chance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members.
7 Sexy Technique Chance to seduce the enemy during negotiation and steer discussion.
8 Endure Chance to instantly win a battle after a successful ambush.
9 Protect Chance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack.
MAX Second Awakening Transforms her Persona into a mythological trickster.

Rank 2

Level 2 Kindness Required

Response 1 Are you feeling better now? +3 She’s so strong. +3 So are you friends again? +2
Response 2 You can’t blame yourself. +2 You might be right. +3
Response 3 It was no big deal. +2 I couldn’t just ignore you. +3
Response 4 I’ll help. +3 Let’s find it together. +3

Rank 3

Response 1 How’s that? +0 You’re amazing. +0
Response 2 What kind of stuff…? +0 That’s your training…? +0 I don’t get it. +0
Response 3 You’re stupid. +0 You’re an airhead. +0 You’re… unique. +0
Response 4 You’re a hard worker. +0 That response was annoying. +0 Can we stop yet? +0
Response 5 I like you. +2 I love you. +2 Can we stop yet? +3
Response 6 Listen to me. +0 This won’t help your heart. +0 You’re a genius… +0
Response 7 You’re right. +0 You finally get it. +0
Response 8 That’s odd. +2 Has that happened to you? +3
Response 9 Are you lonely? +0 That freedom sounds nice. +2

Rank 4

Response 1 I know what you mean. +3 I’m not sure I follow. +0 That comes down to you. +2
Response 2 That was mean of her. +2 That’s hilarious. +3 Was she right? +0
Response 3 Tell me. +3 I’m afraid to know. +2 …Who? +0
Response 4 Good idea. +3 How exactly? +2
Response 5 That’s not going to work. +0 You haven’t learned anything. +0 Good luck with that. +3

Rank 5

Response 1 Maybe. +0 Give it up. +2
Response 2 You’re outmatched. +0 She’s amazing, huh… +2
Response 3 It had grace. +2 She’d be a great Phantom Thief. +0
Response 4 So how do you do it? +0 Tell me more. +0
Response 5 I figured that much. +0 I mean, that’s why it’s “fake.” +0

Rank 6

Response 1 It seems that way. +3 That’s such a simple solution. +0 If it’s a friend, yeah. +2
Response 2 How so? +0 Was she working hard? +0  Was she in pain? +0
Response 3 You’re not weak. +0 It’s because you’re kind. +0
Response 4 Comfort her. +3 Listen to what she has to say. +2 Show her your own strength. +3

Rank 7

Response 1 It’s a trap! +0 She admires you. +2
Response 2 So she could show you up. +0 Because you’re a natural beauty. +0
Response 3 Cheer up. +0 Please don’t cry. +0
Response 4 You already are one. +0 Go get ‘em, tiger. +2 What about your action movies…? +0

Rank 8

Response 1 That’s a lot of work… +0 You have some real guts. +3 You’re beautiful as is. +2
Response 2 There’s no doubt in my mind. +3 I hope so. +3 Good luck finding it. +3
Response 3 Good advice. +0 You’re so dumb, Ryuji… +0
Response 4 She’ll be happy to hear that. +3 I’m sure she already knows. +3

Rank 9

Response 1 It’s dangerous up here. +0 Step away from the ledge. +0 Why did you want to come here? +0
Response 2 And? +0 She’s gone, isn’t she? +0
Response 3 Hang in there. +3 I believe in you, Ann. +3
Response 4 You have me. +0 (ROMANCE) You have the others. +0 END
Response 5 You said “I love you.” +0 I didn’t hear you. +0

Rank MAX

Response 1 You really gave it your all. +3 You still have a ways to go. +2 Everyone was complimenting you. +3
Response 2 That’s so embarrassing. +2 I’ll be there with you. +3 You can do it, Ann. +3
Response 3 What’s wrong? +0 It’s just the two of us. +0
Response 4 Of course. +3 Anything for you. +3
Response 5 I will. +0 I already am. +0
Response 6 Of course. +0 I should be asking you that. +0
Response 7 Couples? +0 Just Once? +0

  • Courtney Ahola

    Your Rank 3 guide isn’t accurate.
    “Can we stop yet” is the only +3, others are +2.
    “Has that happened to you?” is +3, other is +2.
    And the final one only gave me +2, not 3.

    • Bradley Tamminga

      This is happening to me as well. From Rank 3 on I can’t seem to get all three notes even with a Persona. I was even in the shrine location with Takemi and Ann and reloaded to get every respose. The one that was supposed to give both +3 only gave me +2.

      • Rebochan

        Just had an issue with Rank 7, the +3 response to Choice 4 only awarded +2 even with a Persona.

    • Beck

      That’s strange. I recorded all the confidants to use as reference and those were the values that it gave me. I’ve made some modifications just in case. Thank you for letting us know!

    • GaleKnight

      “I love you.” Gave me +3

  • BJ Turner

    Rank 5 response 4 “So he’s an A hole?” Doesn’t exist. Not even contextually.

    • Beck

      Opps. That was left over from Ryuji’s page. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • Anon

    The Beginning of your Benefits is scrambled around.
    Rank 1 gives you Baton Pass, Rank 2 Girl Talk and Rank 3 Follow Up.
    After that it’s normal.

  • GaleKnight

    Actually when I chose “I love you.” On rank 3 it gave me +3, how come?

  • Jorge Garza

    Rank 6, on the second response there’s a third option:
    “Was she working hard?” +0, too.
    It’s actually the second option.

    Doesn’t add that much, since it’s a +0, but I felt like mentioning that to make the guide more complete.