Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Star (Hifumi Togo)

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*Values highlighted in red are optimal choices.


1 Koma Sabaki Allows you to swap current party with backup members during Joker’s turn.
3 Uchikomi Chance for a follow-up by a backup member if Joker downs an enemy.
5 Kakoi Kuzushi Allows you to attempt to escape, even when surrounded by the enemy.
7 Narikin Earn double money if a battle is won in 1 turn after a successful ambush.
9 Touryou Decreases turn delay to zero, allowing you to instantly escape battle.
MAX Rogo System Allows you to swap current party with backup members during anyone’s turn.

Rank 1

Level 3 Charm Required

Rank 2

Response 1That’s interesting. +2I like that attitude change. +0It’s a bit scary. +0
Response 2Have confidence in yourself. +0Don’t worry about them. +0
Response 3When is it coming out? +0You’re, like, an idol. +0But you don’t want to, right? +2

Rank 3

Response 1Describes you perfectly. +2No, I didn’t. +0That’s quite the headline. +0
Response 2You don’t enjoy it? +0Having a difficult time? +2You should just decline. +0

Rank 4

Response 1I don’t mind. +2She has a bad vibe. +0Must’ve been the katsu curry. +2
Response 2They’re ridiculous. +0They’re cool. +2Never heard of them. +0

Rank 5

Response 1You’re not allowed to date? +0She’s scary. +2Accomplish things? +0
Response 2You don’t like the attention? +0You should stop then. +2Have you told your mother? +0

Rank 6

Response 1You’ll be famous. +0Is that frustrating? +2The media is scary. +0
Response 2Do you still like shogi? +2Is that what you want to do? +0Do what you love. +2

Rank 7

Response 1That’s almost a relief. +2Don’t let your guard down. +0It may come down to luck. +3
Response 2Give it your all. +2I believe in you. +3Idols are cool too. +0

Rank 7.5

Response 1What do you mean? +0I don’t understand. +0
Response 2That won’t work. +2That’s a great strategy. +0Do you intend to lose? +0
Response 3Let’s make her reconsider. +0Let’s do something about it. +0
Response 4What’s your mother’s name? +0Tell me her name. +0

Rank 8

MAX Knowledge Required

Response 1Maybe… +2You’re overthinking it. +0I’m glad her heart changed. +3
Response 2Lose what? +0What’re you talking about? +0

Rank 9

Response 1Give it all you go. +2Do you feel confident? +0You can do it. +0
Response 2It was a good effort. +0You’ll win next time. +0A very queenly decision. +3
Response 3I want to become stronger. +0 ENDI want to stay by your side. +0 (ROMANCE)
Response 4I want us to date. +0 (ROMANCE)We’ll be friends forever. +0

Rank MAX

Response 1That’s rough. +2You’ll triumph in the end. +3Just don’t lose. +3
Response 2You can do it. +0That’s reassuring. +0
Response 3So you know. +0What do you mean? +0We do. +0
Response 4Thank you. +0That’s reassuring. +0
Response 5What’s wrong? +0Are you nervous? +0