Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Temperance (Sadayo Kawakami)

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*Values highlighted in red are optimal choices.


1Slack OffAllows you to perform various activities in Kawakami’s class.
3HousekeepingAllows you to request Kawakami to make coffee or do laundry for you.
5Slack OffAllows you to perform various activities in Kawakami’s class.
7Super HousekeepingAllows you to request Kawakami to make curry or infiltration tools for you.
MAXSpecial MassageRequest a massage after going into the Metaverse, letting you go out at night.

Rank 1

How to Unlock: After completing the second dungeon, you will receive a scene a couple days later with Yuuki and Ryuji regarding a maid call-service. You will be able to do this at night by talking to Yuuki in Shibuya. After this nighttime event, approach Kawakami at school the next day where she’s getting an ear full from Ms. Chouno. Help her out of this situation and she will give you a number to call at night from the phone at the Leblanc Cafe that will begin the Temperance storyline.

Rank 2

Response 1It does. +2I feel nothing. +0I’ll tell your boss. +0
Response 2I can’t say I wasn’t… +0Absolutely not! +2What kind of weird things? +0
Response 3You need money? +0What’s it for? +0
Response 4Are you scolding me? +0This is all for you. +0I requested you. +0

Rank 3

Response 1Yeah, they do. +2Do some real cooking. +2Can I have a different maid. +0
Response 2I was curious. +0So I could slack off in class. +0I wanted to see you. +0
Response 3Your sister’s bills, right? +0I’ll request you more often. +3You’re really blunt. +0
Response 4You have it rough. +0Are they expensive? +0Don’t overdo it. +0

Rank 4

Response 1That would be great. +0What are you scheming? +0
Response 2How rude. +2No surprise there. +0How old ARE you? +0
Response 3Yes, you do. +2You’re pushing it. +0You need to love yourself. +3
Response 4I already knew that. +0Why did you lie to me? +0You’re a bad teacher. +0

Rank 5

Response 1It’s fun. +2I want to know more. +0Who’s the Master here? +2
Response 2How Terrible… +2It was inevitable. +0So, did you stop? +2
Response 3It’s not your fault. +0It was bad luck. +0It’s no one’s fault. +0
Response 4You OK with that? +0Guardians, huh… +0
Response 5It’s too late now. +0What about our deal? +0I want see you again. +0

Rank 6

Response 1You just got here. +0Want to rest a bit? +2Give me back my money. +0
Response 2Are you all right? +3Have you see a doctor? +2You should go home. +3
Response 3Are you OK? +0Don’t overdo it. +0

Rank 7

Response 1Don’t strain yourself. +2Don’t lie. +0Don’t pay them. +3
Response 2Sister company? +0Can you make a lot there? +0Think this through more. +3
Response 3That’s the wrong choice. +0Isn’t there another way? +0Just rest for now. +0

Rank 8

Response 1That’s the wrong decision. +0Please reconsider. +0Is this really what you want? +3
Response 2You’re running away. +2If that’s what you decided. +3I need my teacher. +0
Response 3Try to remember +0That’s your answer. +0Take a look at yourself. +0
Response 4Are you going to give up? +0Mistakes can be fixed. +0
Response 5Be confident in your answer. +3That’s the right choice. +3You’re asking a student? +3
Response 6I want to protect you. +3That’s reassuring. +3

Rank 8.5

Response 1We’re talking here. +0You know it, lady. +0
Response 2You can’t give up. +0But you were so determined. +0
Response 3What are their names again? +0I need their names. +0

Rank 9

Response 1Nonsense. +3You may be right. +0Aren’t you old already…? +0
Response 2What a bummer. +3Thank you for your service. +3
Response 3Not really. +2 ENDI want to keep seeing you. +2 (ROMANCE)
Response 4Got it. +2 ENDI mean what I say. +0 (ROMANCE)
Response 5I’m a master; you’re a maid. +0I’m a man; you’re a woman. +0 (ROMANCE)

Rank MAX

Response 1…Really? +0I see. +0That’s too bad… +0
Response 2It doesn’t matter. +0That’s the best part. +0
Response 3We won’t get caught. +0Don’t worry about it. +0You’re so responsible. +0
Response 4What are you talking about? +0When did you realize? +0
Response 5You got me. +0You have no proof. +0…So what if I am? +0
Response 6That sounds promising. +3I’ll make sure of it. +3
Response 7I want to rely on you. +3I want you to rely on me. +3