DICE Outlines the Road Ahead for Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 may be six months old now, but DICE has more plans for the game in the coming months.

Though anticipation for Star Wars Battlefront II is starting to ramp up, DICE isn’t ready to let go of Battlefield 1. With three more DLC expansions to deliver, the developer has no intention of leaving Battlefield 1 behind. In fact, they have quite a few things on their mind to improve the Battlefield 1 experience.

For starters, DICE is moving away from their seasonal patches in order to bring gamers monthly patches. This will allow updates, changes, and fixes to flow into the game quickly. The team is also working on making it easier for friends to join each other. This is done through Platoons, and more details concerning them will be revealed in the near future.

The May update will be focused on improving your quality of life in Battlefield 1. DICE is aiming to streamline the slow into matches, particularly Operations. Balance will be fine-tuned in order to make the game more fair, and the Rent-a-Server Program is expected to have a huge update soon.

Lastly, DICE briefly touched on the second DLC expansion, In The Name of the Tsar, which takes players to the Eastern Front. Players will be able to play as the Russian army and utilize their unique vehicles and weapons. While we don’t have details on any of the maps, we do know that they’ll be filled with snow and ice. No release date was given.