Put a Smile on for Super Mario Happy Meal Toys

Currently, fast food fans can pick up a Happy Meal from McDonald’s and receive Smurfs toys. While that’s all cute and fun, it’s fitting as the release of the latest Smurfs film happens this weekend. However, we’re more interested in the toys to come later!

Super Mario is making another comeback to the golden arches to make kids and collectors even happier. There are figures of Mario, Peach and other characters. Bowser shoots fire while Yoshi’s tongue can extend. They are great for the biggest Mario fans no matter how old you are. Plus, you get some tasty food along with it.

The Smurfs toys are expected to last until around April 24. Expect to find Mario and friends in restaurants within the coming month. In the meantime, have a look at what you can grab from the preview image below.