Choice Provisions on Developing for Switch: ‘Smooth Sailing’

It’s become abundantly clear that Nintendo have stepped up their game when it comes to supporting the indie community for their new platform, the Switch. And while a Direct dedicated entirely to third-party titles of this ilk may go so far, what do the developers themselves think about creating new content for the console itself? Well in an interview with Autopress, Choice Provisions — the studio behind the upcoming Runner3, the latest in the Bit.Trip series — appear to have nothing but praise for the new machine.

“We were nervous at first about developing for the Switch, simply because there are always unknowns with new platforms.” Choice Provisions’ artist, Josh Defries, explains. “We ended up getting the game running on the console in only a day, however, and it’s been smooth sailing ever since!” Defries also talks about the art-style behind Runner3, citing Nintendo themselves as a source of influence. “We’re really big fans of Nintendo, who have a real knack for making vibrant, upbeat games. That’s something we really admire and draw a lot of inspiration from.”

It’s the latest promising if small sign of Nintendo finally moving away from their former conservative and often baffling ways of handling third parties — an issue that seemed to be present all the way up to the Wii U days. Only recently has it appeared to have changed with the company’s push for Switch being a viable platform for indie games now and in the near-future. Runner3, a Switch exclusive, will launch later this year.