Latest The Surge Gameplay Examines Unique Looting System

With a little over a month left until release, Deck13 has offered up some new details on their sci-fi RPG The Surge and its gruesome looting system.

As displayed in the trailer below, The Surge allows players to target certain areas of a particular enemy’s body, in order to attempt to retrieve specific pieces of loot that will help increase the player’s chances of survival later on. However, the higher quality pieces of loot are often well-protected, meaning that players will need to overcome lengthier battles with more dangerous enemies in order to receive the best loot possible. This style of looting is just one of the unique aspects Deck13 is implementing into The Surge, as the studio hopes to entice Souls fans with a unique sci-fi environment and faster-paced combat.

The Surge touches down on May 16 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.