Marshadow Officially Revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon, Details Coming Soon

While many trainers have already caught them all, they have yet to catch a mythical new Pokémon that has yet to be released. Marshadow is a mysterious Pokémon with very little information to go on. It is said to be a Fighting/Ghost-type Pokémon with the ability to use its own Z-Move. We do know it cannot be caught by wild encounters so, special events are bound to be announced in the near future.

A teaser video was released by the Pokémon Company only gives us a glimpse at Marshadow. You can hear its cry and see how pretty cute it is within the game. Also, another teaser and trailer were revealed for the upcoming Pokémon movie which also happens to feature Marshadow. This definitely raises a few eyebrows though as we know the movie will feature Ash and Pikachu at the beginning of their journey as they witness Ho-oh, capture Butterfree and meet Charmander. However, we also see a Piplup and Incineroar along with new characters which leads us to believe this is a retelling of Ash’s entire journey crossing over a mix of the different generations. There’s just no telling what Marshadow’s role is just yet.

Since the film and Marshadow are related, we can expect to hear more on its release as the July release date for the movie draws near. Take a look at all the videos below and be sure to check back here for more information on this new Pokémon.