Mr Shifty Launching Next Week

Those of you who’ve recently been interested (myself included) in developer Team Shifty’s debut [somewhat titular] creation, Mr Shifty, will not have to wait long to play the full game. Publisher tinyBuild has just announced that the game will be available for both PC & Nintendo Switch next week on April 13. While the game has also been confirmed to release for both PS4 & Xbox One too at some point in the near future, the details regarding a date for those platforms, the publisher states, will follow later.

For anyone still out of the loop on what this game is all about, Mr Shifty is an overhead brawler that puts you in the shoes of the title character whom has the ability to teleport between spots and take down hostile enemies at lightning speed. Hotline Miami has been a constant source for description, so if you like that pedigree of fast-reaction, bullet-dodging madness, Mr Shifty could very well be for you. If our hands-on time with the game is anything to go by, tinyBuild may just, once again, have another not-so-hidden gem under their belt.