Bounds is Glowing Neon Shootiness Extending to Infinity

You can never have too many twin-stick arcade shooters. This is not only a hard science fact but one that makes the world a better place by its truth, so the debut of a new one is always worth noting. Bounds has been coming along nicely in .gif format over the last several weeks, and while it doesn’t yet have an official trailer it’s got a nice gameplay video to show off what it can do. Bound’s details are revealed through a developer diary that explains where it came from and why, but the main takeaway from the video is “Ooh, pretty shiny particles!” The game is a twin-stick shooter in an infinite circular (pretending for a moment that infinity has a shape) arena that’s viewed through a warping lens, with the center being big and immediate while the edges merge into the distance.  Basically a ball except the ends never meet in the back.

The scoring balance is maintained by a multiplier that goes up with enemies killed and down when bombs or bullet time activated, and score can be spent on guns or extra lives.  While specifics on how everything ties together are still a little scarce, due to Bounds being very early, it certainly sounds like banking a high score is going to be tough due to all the ways to spend it.  The basics of gameplay are already in place, and the remaining time between now and its release this Fall will be spent on content, balancing, and sorting out all the bits and pieces that fall under the General Polish category.  And then, when it’s done, a new glowing arcade twin-stick shooter will be released into the wild, making the world just a little bit better than it had been.