NA LCS Quarterfinals: Phoenix1 vs Team Dignitas

For the first match of the playoffs we have a pretty good one ahead of us. Phoenix1 ended the season ahead of Team Dignitas and in the third spot. They had their fair share of ups and downs along the road making their journey interesting, but pulled things together when they needed to to stay in contention.

To “stay in contention,” involved some team movements that needed to happen. First, Inori went away for a bit to handle some personal matters bringing in Meteos. The team played well with him picking up wins against Team EnVy and C9 respectively in week 5. Those two wins comes after dropping three straight matches the previous two weeks to TSM, FlyQuest, and CLG. So things were on the up and up. After his return, however, the team had to move Adrian to Team Liquid amid reports that the two weren’t getting along. That left Inori in an odd spot feeling like he needed to prove himself, but the team didn’t suffer as they finished the season on a 7-3 run with both junglers getting some time and most importantly beating Dig in their last head-to-head match.

Team Dignitas started out rough. They won their first match and then lost every single match up until the last one of week four against Team EnVy. They were looking at last place and everyone thought, based off of the talent on the roster, they would be competing at the top of the table. After that win and their coaching change to put Cop in charge of the team they themselves rattled off a 7-3 record to end the season. After the coaching change Cop had everyone working on the same page and the team obviously starting performing at a much higher level securing the final spot in the playoffs and tied for fifth with FlyQuest.

Today the two go head-to-head in a best of five and have had two weeks to prepare for the matchup. According to the line-ups on Lolesports, P1 is starting both Inori and Shady on the team for at least the first match.

Whether it’s bias or gut I want to take Dignitas in this series. I was one of the people rooting for them in the beginning thinking they could compete for a top spot. I like the talent on their team, but P1 have a lot as well with the additions of Meteos and Stunt from the bench. If things go south for P1 they can make changes that should alter how Dig play their match, and to me that gives P1 the advantage. The whole team has played well together before and shouldn’t lose any ground to a substitution.

With all of that being said I’m taking Phoenix1 3-2 today against Dignitas.

  • Phoenix1 vs Team Dignitas (3-2)