Battlezone PC Beta Coming Really Soon

As far as PlayStation VR launch titles went, Battlezone didn’t quite light our wick. It wasn’t a terrible time, but Rebellion’s futuristic tank title could have used a bit more depth. The studio has been putting some work into it since the game hit shelves, and the experience has improved in the interim. This is the version that owners of the Oculus Rift and Vive will be receiving, along with some higher resolution textures and shadow maps and customizable super-sampling made possible by the superior horsepower the PC can offer.

All of this will be available to try sooner rather than later, as the beta will be launching on April 19. It won’t be a free for all, as players will need to sign up for the closed beta before April 13. Of course, we love you: here’s a link to the site. As this is a title built from the ground up for VR, and has a procedurally generated campaign, there is plenty of reason for PC VR enthusiasts to want to give this one a look.