Cosmic Star Heroine Now Available on PS4

Cosmic Star Heroine came to life via Kickstarter and brings 16-bit turn-based RPGs back with a vengeance. This sci-fi adventure brings with it a bit of Phantasy Star and a cyberpunk setting that makes it stand out immediately. Battles also take place in the area you’re in, with no jump cuts to separate areas. The game’s April 11 release usually means that the game wouldn’t be playable until mid-day on either the PS4 or Steam, but in a twist, the game is actually playable now on the PlayStation 4.

You can simply buy it on the PS4 via the PlayStation store and play it whenever you like. Surprisingly, the PC version won’t unlock for another 12 hours – so PS4 users can get the jump on PC users. It’s surprising to see it readily available before the usual mid-day storefront update, but it’s a pleasant surprise. The game can be yours for $14.99 on either the PS4 or PC, and while it is inspired by the 16-bit days, it is a massive adventure – clocking in at nearly 5GB. The super-detailed pixel art looks stunning, and the adventure itself looks quite promising. We love a great RPG here at Hardcore Gamer, so keep an eye on our coverage of the game in the coming days and weeks.