PSVR Support, Sunrise Mode Inbound in Race the Sun Update

Flippfly’s relaxing endless runner from 2013 is still receiving updates almost four years later, with the latest adding PlayStation VR support and a new mode to the PS4 edition of Race the Sun.

In an announcement filled with colorful GIFs over on PlayStation Blog, the developer revealed the inclusion of PSVR support, the highscore-free Sunrise mode which never increases in difficulty, and a First Person mode, which can be activated at anytime during play with the press of the square button. Additionally, portals will now take players to one of five new destinations, adding some variety and new dream-like landscapes to Race The Sun’s visually-stunning lineup.

This update will arrive next week on April 18 for PS4, with the full game also being available on PC, Wii U, PS Vita, PS3 and iOS devices now, with an Xbox One version launching on April 21. For more on the title, check out our review of the PS4 version, which calls it “good arcade-style fun.”