Splatoon 2 Introduces New Mode, Characters and Location

Players of the first Splatoon had to duke it out against one another. However, in Splatoon 2 a new mode called Salmon Run, teams you up with others to complete an objective. It takes place at a new location far away from Inkopolis where Inklings are hired to fend off hordes of fishy fiends.

Four players are given the opportunity to make a fortune by taking down waves upon waves of creatures. There is a lifesaver feature to help downed allies. Working together is the key to victory. The goal is collect as many eggs as possible and bring them back to the mainland.

Salmon Run may be a breath of fresh air for players trying to escape the frenzy of Turf and Rank battles. Splatoon 2 launches on July 21, so stay fresh until then! See more about Salmon Run in the video below along with amiibo details.